Tips & Guidelines

However, we often come across jewellery storing or caring roadblocks that don’t get answered. So, to help your accessories be expensive for longer, we suggest you follow these guidelines

Keep away from moisture.

Imagine you are all set to step out for your office & at the last minute, you feel your hair needs a tinge more of hair spray. As soon as you Spray it on your strands, a spritz of it accumulates on your beautiful earrings. So, to avoid all this, you need to keep your jewellery away from any moisture source, be it perfumes, moisturizers, etc.
One should also not wear jewellery during exercising or bathing because water & sweat both can ruin your jewellery.
Note: We should never use chemicals to clean jewellery as it may cause tarnishing.

Store them carefully

Always keep your jewellery in separate zip locks to not rub against each other and get faded.
Layered necklace sets, bracelets, and earrings, all jewellery should not be folded and kept so that they retain their shape. You can gently wipe your jewellery with a soft cloth or cotton after every use to ensure its durability.

Don’t leave them out for long hours.

It would be best if you did not leave your jewellery pieces out for long hours because the moisture present in the atmosphere can ruin them, and Colour of the jewellery may also get faded. Leaving jewellery out for long hours may also lead to dust accumulating on them reducing their luster.

Keep necklaces from entangling

Apart from being difficult to detangle, entangling your necklaces also results in tarnishing. To save yourself all the extra effort, you need to keep your necklaces in the zip-lock bag. Keeping your necklaces in a zip-lock bag will keep your necklaces away from any knots in it. This way, when you need to wear the chain, it will be easy to remove without any knots.

Avoid continuous Use

No matter how much we love our jewellery, we need to give them a break. Continuous use of jewellery will lead to earlier wear and tear of either the metal or stones.


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